Beyond Accounting

Every feature in Palladium is developed to help businesses become more efficient and more profitable. We do this by ensuring that each one is able to support businesses in one of our three key business-boosting differentiators, Increasing Turnover, Improving Margins, and Enhancing Operational Efficiency.

Increase in Turnover

Direct sales’ behavior to increase turnover

Improve Margins

Get complete control and visibility over margins

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Work smarter, not harder with unique features that streamline your business to be more effective

Palladium Accounting

  • More than just Accounting Software

    Palladium Accounting Software offers a range of feature-rich Accounting Solutions to suit all types of organizations. Our software features are developed on 3 core business success values of increasing turnover, optimizing margins, and improving operational efficiency. Our unsurpassed stability takes away the business risk associated with data corruption experienced with other software.

  • No Data Corruption

    Stable, secure relational SQL databases mean that your data in completely secure and will not be corrupted by unstable technology. With Palladium, you will never have to make a backup before processing transactions ever again.

  • Data Connection & Wireless Networking

    Palladium makes use of on-demand database connections allowing it to run seamlessly in the most challenging of environments, supporting the simplest stand-alone system, to the local area network environment with full support for wireless networking technologies, through to the wide-area (remote access) solution. Our embedded VPN functionality facilitates wide-area connectivity across multiple servers or simply for a user to work from home without the need to purchase other 3rd-party services.

  • Lowest Cost of Ownership

    Palladium was designed to optimize the latest features in Microsoft’s SQL Server database with full data authentication and rollbacks to guarantee data integrity. This rock-solid stability means that your business always maintains maximum uptime. No data corruption means no downtime resulting in no additional consulting costs, no lost staff productivity, and no stock loss or duplicate costs from switching to and from manual systems.

  • Latest, Most Secure Technology

    Palladium Accounting keeps business and client data secure through using the latest technology and the ability to restrict user access to only data that is necessary to their role.

  • Powerful, Anytime Reporting

    Palladium offers complete real-time, or “Anytime Reporting. This means that you can run reports at any date in history. These include Customer and Supplier Aging Reports, Inventory Aging Or Valuation Reports as well as full Financial Reports for any range of dates, past or present.

  • Multi-Currency Compatibility

    The extensive multi-currency feature spans the entire spectrum from Customers, Suppliers, Bank Accounts, and even GL Journals. Rates are maintained on a daily basis with a minimum and maximum tolerable variance that is designed to eliminate any capturing errors. You can also set your exchange rates to automatically update from the web alleviating the need to do it manually.

  • Easy & Intuitive Navigation

    Our intuitive navigation screens mean that you can move around the system with ease. Select the module function and have a graphical view of the processing functions, with tabs for reports and transactional drill-downs from financial reports to the transactions themselves. The last 50 processed transactions per function located at the bottom, offers a quick view and drill function for easy monitoring and review. (Subject to user security access rights.)

  • Flexible Platform with On-Premises or Hosted (Cloud) Options

    Palladium Accounting is flexible and fits with your business and infrastructure, host your data in the cloud or onsite. It’s your choice

  • Mobile Reporting & Dashboards

    Palladium integrates with Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence module, taking Palladium information to your mobile phone, tablet or browser, whether in a Windows, Android or IOS operating system. Our own integrated cubes allow you to slice and dice your data as required in an Excel-type interface.

Accounting Software Products

Palladium Enterprise

The Palladium Enterprise boasts our full Feature-Set from Projects, PoS, Distribution, Pick Tickets, Manufacturing, Multi-Currency and much more. Recommended version for Evaluation purposes.

Palladium Premium

The Palladium Premium edition is an upcoming new version of Palladium has all the features of the Enterprise Edition with the inclusion of Workshop Module, Warehouse Management System, POD Management and Trade Creditor Recons.

Palladium Accounting Individual (Free to use)

Completely FREE of charge! A fully functional application with the Invoicing of Service Items and General Ledger Recovery Accounts with Customers, Vendors and a full General Ledger for the small startup business.


Data Migration

We understand the importance of being able to get your data into Palladium so you can get your business up and running in no time. For this, we have various file imports for all your masterfile and take-on balances, and we also have a comprehensive data conversion utility from the Pastel Partner product range that will convert all your masterfile information, General Ledger Transactions as well as full Sales and Purchase history, all at the push of a button!

Ease of Use

Our familiar interface ensures that the product is intuitive and easy to learn, ensuring that new clients are fully operational in a limited time period.

Data Hosting

With our Data Hosting option, you can do away with file servers, eliminate the need to purchase software like the MS SQL database or even worry about backups, allowing you to focus your efforts on your business. All for a nominal monthly or annual fee.

Additional Products and Modules

Bulk SMS Module

The Palladium SMS module is integrated into the Palladium application and is also available as a stand-alone module. This module can be integrated to any Database and is offered to our customers free of charge. All you have to do to get started is to purchase an SMS bundle and take it from there.

Accounting Server Utility

The application includes tools for local and/or remote backups, tools for the administration of SQL Server database, and the sample data installation. This system is optional for all versions of Palladium Accounting. The installation must be on the same computer where you installed your choice of the SQL Server

Remote Sales Module (RST)

The Palladium Remote Sales Module allows remote users Create Customers, Sales Orders and Return Requests, with the ability to synchronise this with Head Office when required for easy conversion to a customer Invoice. In addition, selected Customers can be synchronised, limiting specific access per remote sales person.