What we do:

Joncarl Technologies Consultant offers a wide range of Business ICT- Software and Hardware technological solutions to its clientele across a variety of industries and businesses in as the following: –

We have experienced Implementation expert Consultant (Installation, Setup, Configuration, Training & Support) with the one of the world’s best state of the art Finance and Accounting systems brands like Sage Pastel (Sage50 Cloud) & Evolution (Sage 200), Sage 300, Sage One, Sage X3), Palladium Accounting, at ACC ERP Accounting, QuickBooks, Tally ERP, Orion, SAP, MYOB, Accpac, HansaWorld, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Pure Logic (Fully Customized package) and other Software Systems for Customer request.

We have a Payroll & HumanResource Management software systems, which are very User friendly, affordable, powerfully and it is fully Customizable Software. You can manage more than 5000 employees at a single click and get all your Employee information e.g. Pension Contribution, PAYE, P9 & P10, Pay point (Banks or Cash payment), Deductions, Earnings, Payslip, Leave Management, and many Useful reports.

We have the powerfully and User-friendly SACCOS, CREDIT, and MICROFINANCE BANK management software applications that track all member’s loans and saving transaction records in the system.

We have Fixed Assets management register software systems that are doing a business practice that involves managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of the assets within an organization.

A School / College Management Software system is a Student information system (SIS) software application for education establishments to manage student data. Also known as the Student Information Management system (SIMS), Student Records System (SRS), Student management system (SMS).

We have the Manufacturing & Inventory/ Stock control management software systems which can track and control all stocks movements in your Company from Purchasing order – GRN – Supplier Invoice, Manufacturing (Production) – to Selling or Issuing and get your Stock balances and Value in your hand immediately with a single click.


Get your business automation and Inventory management.

We have a Restaurant management software application that automates the orders and send the orders at kitchen at the same time control the stocks from purchasing to the balance on hand.

We have the user friendly, affordable, and powerfully Hotel management software applications systems that simplify a hotel’s operations by automating them. It covers minor to major aspects of hotel management via reservations, front-office, back-office, housekeeping, maintenance, guest management, and even billing.

We have the Hospital / Clinic/Pharmacy Management Software system which tracks all hospital data from Patient (Outpatient/ Inpatient) point to Stock control on drugs/medicine and other services. It is very user friendly, powerfully, and affordable.

We have affordable, user-friendly and powerful Supermarket / Hardware Shop software application which can handle more than 3000 stocks items in the system, as well as we provide the POS (Point of Sale) Hardware Touch screen and non -touch screen.

We have experience in Billing Management Information system for Water and Property Estates management, we have affordable and powerfully Software on this area.

We have affordable, user friendly and powerful Membership software (also known as an association management system) which provides associations, clubs and other membership organizations with the functionality they require to provide their services to their members.

We have an affordable, user-friendly, and cost-effective queue management system that controlling customers’ flow, managing the waiting time and enhancing customers’ experience for multiple industries including banking, healthcare, retails, education, government, and telecom.

We have powerful, user-friendly Remote Access Software which allows large and small businesses to access mission-critical Windows applications from any location, device, and operating system.

We provide Network Solutions Installation and Configurations with reliable, durable reputable, and cost-effective Hardware & Software.

We help our Customers to acquire the right one and original Computer Hardware and Software accordingly to his/ her requirement in cost-effective.



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  • Full Implementation of ENTERPRISE APPLICATION Systems ERP and SME (Installation, Setup, Configuration, Training, and Support).
  • Data Entry (Bulk & Minor).
  • Database design & Management.
  • Networking Wireless & Cable (LAN and WAN).
  • VPN Solutions.
  • Computer & Electronic Devices.
  • Computer Hardware Maintenance & Services.
  • Server Configurations & Management.
  • Support of different Computerized Accounting Packages.
  • IT General Support at Offices.
  • IT Consultancy.


  • IT Projects Coordinating.
  • IT Security.
  • Website Management.
  • Training & Support/Troubleshooting of different Software Applications.
  • Prepare Financial Accounting Data into the System.
  • Queue Management System.
  • Access Control & Time Attendance.
  • Car/ Bike tracking installation
  • Asset management tracking
  • Home Automation
  • Bulk SMS