Water and Property Rate Billing System

The Concept

Ultraline Billing System (UL) is a relatively new system that handles Land rates, property rentals, and water billing. The system’s user-friendly and modern interface allows for seamless user training and shortening of the learning curve and reduction of training or retraining related costs. UL is a fully functional billing system with all billing functions incorporated on a modular basis. With each module installed separately, specific departments will have only the modules they use installed on their computers serving space (computer resources). The system can be sold as a full package or the client may choose to buy specific modules that they want to begin with (and acquire the others later). Because of this flexibility, the system is relatively easier to acquire even for low budget utilities as compared to the other systems available on the market.

UL is built on the Microsoft .net framework/platform, therefore; is compatible with all systems were the .net framework may be installed. With the .net framework, the system provides advanced, quality data presentation (reporting) tools. In addition, the system incorporates a query builder that allows you to quickly get any data you need and export to Excel, PDF, Access, or Word.

UL runs a centralized database system. A server is installed running database software SQL Server or MySQL. The Client PCs connect to the server to store and retrieve data accordingly. All client PCs pass through a layer of security features, both at application and server level, designed to protect the data from malicious access. The system includes a transaction sentry function that records actions of all users including the administrators. The sentry enables the owners of the database to perform system audits from time to time.

In UL our emphasis is reporting. We believe that if you can get the information (reports) you need timely and presented professionally then you are a happy customer. The system allows you to get quick accurate reporting of Bill/invoice Age Analysis, billing summaries (periodic), collections (periodic), consolidated arrears, and more. Please see Management Support System Module definition.

Ultra-line Billing System (WBS) Features

Record Maintenance

The record maintenance module is the basic module for adding, deleting or updating customer records, setting up new accounts and automatic allocation of account numbers. The default auto number generation is the terminal digit index system in the format: 99 99 99 99 but the users can select or determine what system is suitable for them. Other record maintenance tasks include settings or parameters such as Zones, categories, tariffs, etc.

Management Support System Module

The module helps decision-makers to monitor activities (billing, receipts, adjustment or meter readings) periodic trends presented graphically (as charts) for decision making. This module will be installed for managers. With this tool you can for an example analyse (graphically compare) collections hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually or monitor the hourly (real-time) receipt trends. You can take two or three years, for instance, and graphically compare the annual billing, receipts or adjustment trends by month.

Meter Management

The meter management module provides an inventory system of all the meters; new meters (pending installation and installed meters) it allows you to make new meter connections, disconnections, reconnections and exchanges. From the module you get reports such as periodic new meter connections, disconnections, reconnections, meter movement and meter inventory reports summarized by zone and/or category.

Meter Reading

This module enable the users to capture meter readings every month prior to billing. You can enter readings manually or through data loggers. The module allows for quick verifications of readings and reporting on both current and history meter readings, summarized in different categories or zones and routes.

Front Desk (Enquiries)

Allows the user to quickly retrieve customer billing, receipt, aging, meter readings and other account status information (such as connection/disconnection status), when attending to customer queries at the front desk. A quick front desk system enables a smooth flow or customers as it reduces queues.

Front Desk (Receipting)

This module enables the users to capture and print customer receipts from front desk, remote/zonal office, bank payments (TT) and/mobile (m-pesa). It enables cashiers to print daily or session cashier summaries for cashing in.


A fast and easy to use billing module enables the user to process bills according to the set tariffs and meter readings within a few seconds. It allows you to see the test run results, a preview of the billing statistics and the individual bills before the final posting.

Customer Care

Allows you to capture and manage customer complaints by enabling you to enter and allocate tasks to appropriate staff. A reminder system allows you to track the complaints that are newly coming in and those that have over-stayed so as to make follow-up.


The module allows the user to manage; maintenance, replacement, repairs of the water network infrastructure (assets) and summarise the costing for these management activities and for water treatment and related activities. Its integration with meter readings and billing allows you to process and produce unaccounted for water periodic reports.